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How to correct the bad habit of dogs that cannot be recalled

For dogs that have developed a habit of not being able to recall, the correction method is the same as the prevention method introduced previous. But pay special attention to the following points.

(1) Termination of punishment. The owner should immediately stop calling the dog come over for punishment and remember the principle of ‘recall is good’.

(2) Send commands only once. The recall order is only issued once. If the owner leaves and the dog does not respond, the owner can hide nearby and observe the dog’s movements. Wait for the dog to anxiously search for a while before issuing a recall order to let the dog find the owner.

(3) Stimulating pursuit. At the beginning of the recall training, if the dog does not follow the instructions and returns, the owner can also quickly clap their hands and run in the opposite direction to stimulate the dog to come and chase. When the dog runs to the front, it will be rewarded immediately. You can also switch the snacks used for induction from “regular” dog food to “high-end” snacks such as dried meat.

(4) Use a new commmand. If the owner often uses “come” as the summoning command before conducting corrective training, and the dog often ignores it, it is best to use a completely different word as the recall command during recall training, such as using the command “Here”.

(5) Be patient and wait. The owner must be patient and wait for the dog to actively return to their side. Never issue a recall command while walking towards the dog. That way, the dog will mistakenly think ‘come here means the owner is coming towards me’, instead of ‘come here means I am walking towards the owner’.

(6) Gradually raise standards. At the beginning, no matter how long it takes for the dog to return to its owner after the command is issued, rewards will be given. After the dog grasps the recall command, it can gradually increase its standards and only reward snacks for quick reactions (such as within 5 seconds after the command is issued), while only verbal praise is given for slower reactions.


My Lili has also had the habit of pretending to be deaf and mute, and refusing to come back. Later, I conducted corrective training on it.

I prepared Lili’s favorite chicken strips, and when I went out, I gave her a small strip first, and then let her play on the grass herself. When it ran away, it whispered softly, “Lili, come here!” A miracle appeared! Lili, who had already run far away, suddenly put on a sharp brake with unparalleled agility and turned to run towards me! After it arrived at my side, I immediately rewarded it.

After repeating it two or three times, I was able to easily recall Lily. Every time I whisper to recall Lily during outdoor performances in the future, it will always attract the admiration of onlookers. Because with human hearing, it is impossible to hear such a small sound from such a distance!

In addition, I also adopted the method of turning around and leaving after issuing a command. Due to their social nature, dogs have a natural tendency to follow their own group. Therefore, usually dogs will actively follow their owners after they leave. This method is particularly effective for Lily. Because it has wandered before, it is particularly worried about getting lost again. Only later did it know that every time its owner called it, it would wait in place or take the initiative to approach it, so it ignored the call. Of course, playing is even more important when it is not worried that its owner will disappear. And when I shouted and resolutely turned around and left, Lili immediately flew over.

Dog recall training requires time and patience. If you don’t have enough time to train it, you can also use some auxiliary dog training equipment to improve your training efficiency. ¬†Even dogs that have undergone good recall training can be extended to further recall distance and consolidate the training effect through auxiliary equipment.

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