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800 Meters Waterproof Remote Control Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

800 Meters Waterproof Remote Control Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

(96 customer reviews)


Durable: High quality rechargeable lithium battery.
Waterproof design: Dogs can wear collars for swimming and diving.
Long control distance: 800 meters.
Multi mode: beep, vibration, electric shock.Adjustable intensity: The intensity of vibration and current can be adjusted from 1 to 99, with a wide range.
Adjustable intensity: The intensity of vibration and current can be adjusted from 1 to 99, with a wide range.
Flexible configuration: one controller can be paired with 1 to 3 collars.

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This fully waterproof e-collar is very popular with the dog trainers and pet owners. Its training system will help you to control and train your dog in effective range by a series of functions. Including vibration, electric shock and beep mode. With its remote design, you can remote stop barking and running. Easy calling back, stop biting and fighting. It will be your good training assistant.
Applicable Dog Breed:
Large Dog, Medium-sized Dog, Small Dog.
Battery type: lithium-ion battery (built-in)
Charging time: 4 hours
Standby time: about a week
Weight about: 0.1 kg per collar; 0.06 kg per controller.
Package Including:
Charger, remote controller, collar, test light, English user manual.


Please charge the collar and controller before first using.
Eliminate one misbehavior or teach one obedience command at one time, if the training gets too fast, your pet may become confused and repel.
Before using the electric shock mode to your pet, you should try vibration to your pet first.
Observe the dog’s reaction and make sure the training intensity not too much.
Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore.
If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed.
This product should be matched, before using. If there is any problem that the product cannot be used, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you!
If you need single accessory, please contact us ~


Additional information

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions5 × 6 × 7 cm
Item Type

Training Collars


Mainland China



Is Smart Device




Model Number

800 meters

3 training modes:

Electric shock / vibration / sound

Power Supply

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (built-in)

Electronic Dog Training Collar

Training Collar

Transmitter charging time:

4 hours

Transmitter standby time:

about a week

Receiver charging time:

4 hours

Receiver standby time:

about a week

Feature 1

Dog collar

Feature 2

Training collar dog

Feature 3

anti-bark collar for dogs

Feature 4

Dog training collar

Feature 5

Electric collar for dog

Feature 6

Anti bark dog collar

Feature 7

dog training

96 reviews for 800 Meters Waterproof Remote Control Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

  1. R***v

    A great thing, before our bag without a leash will not fit again and runs everything, but now he will think ten times. I didn’t understand the sound, I didn’t understand the vibration at the maximum speed, after which I gave a discharge to the maximum, and now the maximum of the sound signal is enough. The thing is just bomb-free, parents on the recommendation bought the same and the same result, we definitely advise.

  2. A**r

    producto según descripción, entrega muy rápida. A falta de probarColor: Black and Blue Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  3. f***e

    The possibility of vibrating the collar will have been enough for my dog. It’s super efficient and I didn’t need electric discharge. I’m really happy.

  4. E***c

    Super, this is my second, I recommend it to everyone…

  5. D***v

    Excellent collar, helps the pet understand that even if the owner is not around, everything is under control.

  6. A***o


  7. S***u

    Very good product.
    Vibration is okay, but the electrical shocks is.. Very scaring 😂.
    For home use, 100%.

  8. M***a

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  9. A***X

    Товар хороший, мощный, но действует, как если вы пробовали батарейку-крону языком примерно тоже самое, только сильнее во много раз. При большой мощности может оставить микротравмы ожоги на шее собаки. зависит от того, какой уровень вы будете выставлять. Моя собака хоть и среднего размера, но почувствовала только от 75. Наращивать уровень нужно постепенно, т.к. не у каждой собаки хорошая чувствительность, особенно на шее. Поэтому возможно, лучше потренировать на повышенной мощности, а потом снижать его, чем собака по глупости будет совершать свои ошибки приобретённые в процессе например бездомной жизни. Нужно понимать с чем связано поведение собаки и на сколько процессы засели в голову. Если собака не росла на улице и нет плохих привычек, то есть вероятность, что высокий уровень не пригодится. Однако всё индивидуально. Сказали – Фу, а собака продолжает, дайте малый вибрик, не отреагировала – разряд. Однако есть ситуации когда нужно действовать без промедления. Главное, что это будет гуманнее того, что вы позволили подобрать, разбросанные догхантером приманки с ядом.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  10. J***z

    Good quality, the box was well packed and the necklaces work super well👍

  11. O***h

    It’s great, it’s good to pack, it works great. it arrived on time

  12. D***n

    I order for the second time. The shocker’s battery eventually goes down. I’m reluctant to repair, so I took a new one.

  13. u***i

    חבילה הגיעה תוך שבוע. מאוד פשוט לשימוש, יעיל. כמובן צריך להשתמש בחוכמה. ממליצה.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  14. A***

    Excellent device all right so far!

  15. N***a

    A great dog trainer. Bought regular anti-barking without remote control. But our cunning adapted to it, calculated the algorithm of action. Now alternate) only a beep is enough.

  16. D***M

    Works well. The dog is very emotional, at the sight of other dogs it begins to bark and squeak. With vibration works very well! Began to walk more calmly!

  17. V***o

    Easy to manage gadget.
    Using the first day, while applying only the sound signal
    I adjusted the vibration of the result on my fingers. The control is intuitive and simple.
    With delivery from Russia to Gelendzhik received five days after the order.
    How much is enough, I don’t know, but I like it yet.
    The collar is long, my Shepherd came up with a reserve.
    Holes are often located, so it is easy to find the right girth.
    The electronic receiver is conveniently attached. The collar is thin but durable, there is a small ring for leash.
    I recommend the product and seller.

  18. 1***r

    Husky first reacted to vibration then got used to it and began not to notice the signals. The wool does not give good contact to the current zero reaction. I don’t want to shave it😆

  19. L***n

    Works. Checked on myself. The dog does not react 🙂 The level was 60 further to try the wife did not allow. 🙂 Works great for my wife. Jumped. 🙂 I’ll start using it for training. I will write an additional review. It looks very high quality.

  20. D***n

    The collar arrived, the charge was full, the delivery was quick. Everything works. Thank you!

  21. J***y

    A good collar. Lost the remote, had to buy the same.

  22. d***v

    Everything works until I applied it. I tried it on myself… SENSITIVE!

  23. A***v

    Additional rubber bands were lost immediately. Otherwise everything is fine. The stupid dog turned into an exemplary dog.

  24. R***n

    muito bom a carga dura pelo menos duas semanas recomendo esse e o segundo que comprei o primeiro alguém roubou do pescoço do cachorro

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  25. A***v

    Отправили очень быстро! С получением больших проблем не было, за исключением службы доставки 5 post – это самая отвратительная служба доставки! Но продавец тут, к сожалению, ни при чём….
    Аппарат рабочий. Зарядили, надели на собаку, собака сразу стала, как шёлковая! посмотрим сколько проработает.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  26. T***a

    Bought for Shibai Inu. They do not obey at all, and this one is spoiled and already an adult (1,5 years old). It worked the first time. Once current, now the dog reacts to sound and voice, in an emergency, vibration. Perfect!

  27. K***a

    The training collar arrived quickly. Checked, works as described. The batteries are fully charged. Product for purchase and seller recommend.

  28. V***v

    Great thing, now my Barbos realized that I control it at any distance, and it’s not worth running crazy, and if you also run up, they will stroke it and give it a yummy, instead of an incomprehensible shaking in the neck, from which you have to whine, and in general, next to the owner does not shake.

  29. T***a

    A good collar. Came quickly, loaded. Everything works. Sorted it out without instructions. Thanks to the seller.

  30. S***v

    Все супер. Прийшло зарядженим. Будем тестувати , на 15 струм відчутний, вібро також непогане. Потім доповню по факту використання.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  31. F***a

    I ‘ve tried it and it seems to work well. Even water resistance. Well, I have a Boxer dog and she gets into a pool every single one. Day

  32. R***r

    Отличный электро ошейник ! Товаром довольны ! Все элементы в хорошем качестве и рабочем состоянии.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  33. A***n

    It works, I don’t know how long the battery will be enough later, I tried it for 80% shockers

  34. A***

    I haven’t texted yet but the product and very good material

  35. m***n

    very good came quickly

  36. o***s

    Доставка составила 15 дней, Качество пульта и ресивера отличное, все функции работают. сегодня уже опробовал на своём вестике. я убедился что это отличная вещь. надо просто подходить к дрессировкам с умом.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  37. 2***r

    The collar works as described by 5 points. tested for 20 drops significantly. the delivery is super fast.

  38. A***a

    The goods arrived on time from the warehouse of the Russian! The same collar looked at the ozone, the road was 2.5 times! The collar itself is good, sound, vibration, and the current works perfectly! I don’t understand why they should do three channels if the device is one! Satisfied with everything, I think our friend will be satisfied😁😁😁😁😁

  39. S***n

    Thank you Seller. Everything works, fast delivery. I recommend it.

  40. A***

    Works perfect, vibration sound and current. It works very well and we will see the reaction of the little hair

  41. V***o

    Товар соответствует описанию рекомендую продавца и магазин.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  42. Y***m

    заказываю третий раз, шикарный подарок начинающим кинологам, сносу нет, работает безотказно

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  43. E***a

    Came right right very quickly. .. 13 days in Moldova. Everything works, thank you. Best Sound and shocker. The dog gives up all his affairs and runs.

  44. L***a

    Funguje as má.

  45. c***s

    Works really well. Although you have to be careful not to reduce his neck and suffer burns

  46. u***h

    Still not tested אעדכן below

  47. j***v

    Ошейник отличный, все позиции работают, собака реагирует ,даже на низких тонах. Но работать нужно с умом, Изучив технику дрессировки. Рекомендую.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  48. j***r

    I didn’t buy it for me came from one of the defective collars it doesn’t even vibrate from shock.

  49. S***s

    100% Working, I tested it on myself first.

  50. A***v

    Everything is fine, a normal device for my own money, I wean off barking when driving, it still didn’t work out

  51. M***v

    очень быстрая доставка, инструкция инглиш, но легко переводит гугл.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  52. R***f

    Excellent product, very good quality super fast delivery, highly recommend!

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  53. A***n

    Used before that another company, without a screen, all analog, 3 buttons and a knob knob… I will say right away, it was more convenient! You immediately have to press twice so that the signal would work, the first turns on the screen! Buttons, even a girl is small! But if all this is not important, then the device works well, everything sounds/vibrates/electricity beats.

  54. a***

    Excellent!!! My dog was a runaway, gave me the biggest job. With this collar, 1 day of teaching he no longer runs away, I can leave open gate and everything, amazing! And I don’t need the shock, just the vibrate!!! I recommend too much!

  55. a***

    Everything came right. And it’s working perfectly.

  56. a***

    Llego súper rápido a canarias. Como unos 15 días. Y funciona bien.Color: Two Black Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  57. S***a

    Collar works perfect but it don’t range up to 800 meters.

    Color: Black and Orange Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  58. Ю***ь

    Great product. When you order
    In the picture there were two collars and one came. Maybe I didn’t catch up with what.

  59. a***

    Product as per description. Fast delivery. Everything worked as advertised🤟

  60. A***i

    The device works bomb
    Uses of daily mainly turn to morning he starts barking, push one click on the vibration ומיד brother “as there are silent.

  61. Y***a

    The delivery is very fast!

  62. m***m


  63. A***v

    The contraption is super! Do not recognize the dog! Works five points, long-lasting charge

  64. R***y

    продавец супер! доставка из России быстрая. к этому всему претензий нет.

    именно ТОК, имхо всяких той-терьеров пробивать будет. кане-корсо вообще фиолетово. но, думаю, такие ошейники чтобы их пробивало, и не производят. ибо тогда будет опасно для маленьких пород 🤷‍♂️

    Color: For 2 dogs Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  65. 1***r

    Все пришло упаковано, без повреждений. Зарядили, работает отлично. Собака на звук реагирует, остальные функции не пробовала. С ошейниками знакомились, как рекомендуют, постепенно. Товар рекомендую. Единственное пожелание, резиновые колпачки слетают, слабо крепятся, жаль, если потеряются.

    Color: For 2 dogs Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  66. A***v

    The collar is normal, at a distance of 200 meters-300 works in the norm. The seller sent quickly.

  67. 8***r

    It’s great, second time I order,
    Fast delivery and good product

  68. M***.

    Good product. Short time of use, but it is proposed

  69. a***

    Not yet and tested

  70. a***v

    Came very quickly. Charged. Turned on. Works. There are no problems in response to reviews. Thank you

  71. V***h

    Did not try or works later add

  72. p***r

    Брав для однорічного німецького вівчарика, на струм реагує через раз, потрібно дуже тісно застібати нашийник, а от в режимі вібрації одразу реагує, чує команди.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  73. a***

    All good

  74. E***a

    I had 1 not working colar, but the company is very cooperative and we met agreement for partial refund.
    I will order again!

  75. M***r

    منتج جيد وشحن سريع، أنصح بالشراء من عند هذا البائع

    Color: For 2 dogs Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  76. P***v

    A great device. Electric shock but does not hurt, but it is noticeable. The dog walked like silk next to other cable

  77. y***s

    It fulfills its function in my house, currents are not necessary, only with vibrations it fulfills its effect

  78. D***l

    Work as described… change, connect to remote and go. really simple.

  79. V***r

    Tested for strength, everything works. I haven’t checked on the dogs yet. I’ll unsubscribe later.

  80. g***r

    Both collars work as they should!

  81. A***v

    пришло, работает, все огонь. Будем учится дрессировке 🙂

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  82. A***v

    Быстро пришло. Проверили на себе, все работает, писчит, вибрирует, бьёт током. классно. спасибо. 😉

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  83. Y***a

    The order was delivered quickly, it corresponds to the description, however, it does not seem to always work or my dog is a masochist (I did not check it at full, it works for minor pranks, but if someone runs the Shah, or does not work due to the range silt ignores)

  84. S***c

    Заряжается быстро, держит зарядку хорошо, звук и вибрация работают на отлично, ток не всегда срабатывает, да и лайка наша особо его не чувствует, ставлю 4 из 4 звёзд. Кстати работает на приличной дистанции (больше 50 метров точно ловит звук и вибрацию)

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  85. I***o

    A collar for small and a middle note: a ger sled ter’er.
    My vibro mode, sound and electrical. It’s just a MIGA with one svitlodiod. Tobdo, the Hodnik does not play askravically. The right can do it.
    Charging is handy: you can charge the remote control and the collar.

  86. a***r

    Product excellent I recommend

  87. P***h

    Да всё понравилось, всё работает, и самый ЖИРНЫЙ ЖИРНЫЙ ПЛЮС что два блока одновременно конектится под одну волну, это для спортсменов;)

    Color: For 2 dogs Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  88. D***v

    Very well packed, solid item and made with good quality.
    Didn`t test yet on the dog.

  89. В***в

    Everything is very fast and high quality. However, as always.

  90. R***v

    Works, useful for those who have a dog vacuum cleaner)

  91. E***l

    Thanks to you for the speed of the order, very satisfied and good continuation to you.

  92. A***N

    Came before the set date.

  93. 5***r

    Пришло быстро. СДЕКом до квартиры. Током бьëт только на максималке. Вибрирует и пищит. Инструкция на английском. Реакцию собаки потом дополню.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: Russian Federation

  94. S***o

    I have ordered this product from this seller SECOND TIME! Very fast shipping, good quality and SUPER LOW PRICE!!!

    Color: For 2 dogs Plug Type: EU Plug Ships From: China

  95. 3***r

    Checked, works, buzzes, squeaks, I’ll check the dog on the street right now-50, I’ll wait until it gets warmer somewhere to-30.

  96. L***a

    Produto chegou em bom estado, igualzinho ao demonstrado na divulgação; e chegou antes do prazo estipulado. O único detalhe que gostaria de apontar aqui, é o modelo do bocal do carregador. A tomada aqui no Brasil é diferente, nem o adaptador encaixa no carregador do produto. A minha solicitação foi recorrer ao recurso da entrada USB.

    Color: For 1 dog Plug Type: UK Plug Ships From: China

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