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Shipping policy

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

We attach great importance to logistics timeliness.

We understand that for online sales, reasonable shipping costs and efficient logistics are one of the most important factors in improving customer satisfaction.


1.Usually, we ship within 3 days after you make the payment.

We try our best to accelerate the delivery speed and choose the best logistics based on experience and the timeliness data of logistics providers.

We will promptly send the shipment progress, logistics tracking number, relevant logistics query website, etc. to your email. It is important to fill in the correct email address when placing an order.


  1. Most of our goods are shipped from China.

The advantage of shipping directly from China is that we save costs and customers receive more benefits. The disadvantage is that compared to overseas warehouses, it will take longer transportation time. Purchasing products in advance can effectively solve these problems.


  1. We provide multiple logistics channels.

After filling in the address, we provide you with multiple available logistics channels to choose from and display the shipping cost. Usually, channels with faster logistics efficiency will incur higher costs. Please choose according to your own needs.


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