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Return & refund Policy

Return & refund Policy

Last Updated: July 3, 2023

We strive to satisfy customers as much as possible.

1.Before placing an order, please read the product description clearly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
The shipping cost of cross-border mailing is high and time-consuming. Reducing the return rate caused by misunderstandings can effectively improve your shopping experience; By saving website operating costs, we can provide high-quality products at more affordable prices for everyone. So please ask customer friends to read the product description clearly before placing an order.

2.After receiving the goods, if you are dissatisfied, please feel free to contact customer service.
In order to improve the efficiency of after-sales service and improve your shopping experience as much as possible, please contact our customer service within 30 days after receiving the goods.  

3. If it is our fault  that caused the after-sales service, we will try our best to refund you directly or send you a replacement.
Our reasons include lost delivery, quality issues, product discrepancies with the description, and so on. Of course, we conduct inspections before shipment and rarely encounter quality issues.

4.If the after-sales service is caused by the customer’s reason. 
If the customer apply to refund, needs to return the goods and pay the shipping fee for the return. After receiving the returned goods, we will refund you the order amount after deducting the shipping cost.

If the customer needs our assistance to correct the error, we will try our best to provide assistance.

5.Gifts or other items that offered for free, do not support after-sales service applications.

6.This website mainly serves direct consumers. For wholesale business, please contact customer service first.

7.We have a comprehensive risk control system. 

Placing a malicious order and applying for after-sales service will not receive support and will affect your credit history. Please avoid such behavior.

8. Our contact information:

The return address of most of our goods is Chinese Mainland. However, different goods have different return addresses. Please contact customer service before returning the item.

Please click here to view our contact information.

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